About Experis

Dror Litvak

Dror Litvak

VP, Experis Key Account Leader


Experis Israel is a branch of ManpowerGroup’s Experis, one of the biggest high-tech and IT placement companies in the world. The company operates in more than 50 countries, with a client base encompassing over 80 percent of Fortune Global 500 companies indiaviagra.net.
We specialize in several fields, which together, constitute a comprehensive solution to support the business activities of our clients, from BI and big data solutions, to cyber security services, software development and retraining of outstanding university graduates for high-tech, to employment and recruitment for the high-tech and technology worlds, to finding and recruiting of executives, to setting up and managing special-purpose development centers. Our clients include organizations in the areas of defense, government, technology, biotech, finance, etc.

As part of a global group, the company in Israel has at its disposal development centers with an extensive knowledge infrastructure based on accumulated global experience and ties with leading technology companies worldwide.

Experis Cyber specializes in cyber security services, including advanced technologies, and the latest cyber security methodologies, managed by a staff of cyber experts available 24/7. The company is at the cutting edge of threat monitoring, identification and handling, undertaken at an advanced control center (SIEM/SOC) providing comprehensive security for the organizational network and cloud from any location, from any device, at all times.

Experis BI specializes in consulting, building and managing BI and big data systems, including big data and cloud integration solutions, as well as harnessing a broad range of innovative BI and big data technologies. The company enables outstanding university graduates to go into the field of BI and big data using a unique training model that identifies and trains them for the work, and also accompanies them in the development roles.

Experis Software is a software house that enables outstanding university graduates without a background or experience in software development to learn free of charge in the framework of the Experis Kickstart program. The intensive program is delivered by top-notch mentors in the field, and within six months, catapults outstanding university graduates without knowledge or experience, to development positions that demand two and even three years of experience at the top high-tech and technology companies in Israel.

Experis Professional runs a recruitment system for high-tech and technology personnel for leading organizations in Israel, and specializes in finding and placing talents in high-tech and technology fields, and locating and recruiting executives in the areas of finance, biotech, marketing and sales, and operations, etc.

Strategic Clients Division – specializes in managed services including the setting up and management of special-purpose development, testing, and validation centers using a near shore model, and in integrating and providing training in complex systems to organizations in the areas of defense, government, high-tech and technology companies, healthcare, and finance, etc.

Experis is part of the ManpowerGroup, a leader in employment and human capital solutions worldwide.

For inquires and further information: office@experis.co.il