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Automation Developer JB-236

באר שבע

| משרת Experis

We're looking for experienced Automation Developer in with proven experience in developing software infrastructures and automation for testing (verification and validation) of complex software systems.

דרישות התפקיד

Job requirements:

• Systemic and engineering View.
• An understanding of Object-Oriented Technology and Multi-threading process.
• Familiarity with ALM tools for managing test development.
• Comprehensive and evident understanding of software Architecture based on microservices and distributed systems.
• Knowledge and proven experience in develop at least one of the languages: JAVASCRIPT/ Python/ Java/ C#
• Knowledge of Containers technologies such as Dockers and Orchestration tools such as Kubernetes.
• Knowledge and experience in connecting automation to CICD processes and ALM tools - an advantage
• Knowledge of applying AI technologies in testing tools for system verification and validation - an advantage



עודכן ב: 02.07.22

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מספר משרה: JB-49904