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Senior Researcher

גוש דן

| משרת Experis

We are looking for a highly motivated, fast learning researcher to focus on vulnerability research & exploitation in embedded environments.

In this roll you will acquire deep understanding of proprietary technologies and network protocols. You will also develop and utilize the knowledge acquired into the product and the production environment and provide end-to-end solutions in your domain.

דרישות התפקיד


· 3+ years of relevant industry experience as vulnerability researcher or equivalent.
· Extensive experience with a disassembler (IDA Pro or GHIDRA) and debuggers (gdb).
· Experience with complicated exploitation methods.
· Experience in writing code in assembly, C and Python.  
· Good understanding of common security mitigations. 
· Good understanding of network protocols and concepts.
· Highly motivated and creative individual.

· Experience working in Linux environments.
· Experience with RF communication schemes such as Bluetooth or WiFi.
· Experience with developing / researching in Android environment.
· Understanding of OS internals (Mac, Windows, Android etc.).  



עודכן ב: 30.06.22

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מספר משרה: JB-50942